Active Scholarships

October /November / December Scholarships

External LinkWendy's Heisman - Due: 10/17/2018,  For athletes
External LinkKenley Farrel Memorial - Due: 11/1/2018,  Write essay on mosquitoes
External LinkPrudential Spirit of Community Award - Due: 11/6/2018 
External LinkElks Foundation - Due: 11/15/2018
 Caro Garden Club - Pick up application in the Guidance Office - Due: Nov 12

January Scholarships

External LinkJFK Profiles in Courage - Due: 1/18/2019  

February Scholarships

External LinkMEA Scholarship - Due: 2/21/2019, Parent must be MEA member
External LinkTeam One Scholarship -  Due: 2/15/2018, Can apply at External LinkSaginaw Community Foundation
External LinkGreenStone Scholarship - Due: 2/28/2018, Must be studying agriculture

March Scholarships

Masonic Scholarship - Due: 3/1/2018, Application in the Guidance Office
Anna Marjorie MacRae Scholarship - Due: 3/1/2018, Applications in the Guidance Office
External LinkCovenant Healthcare - Due: 3/2/2018, Must have parent that is employee or Must be studying healthcare
Fitzgerald 4-H Scholarship - Due: 3/15/2018, Applications in the Guidance Office
External LinkCommunity Foundation of Southeast Michigan - Due 3/15/2018

  • Miguel Cabrera Scholarship -  Must be 1st generation college
  • Robert Holmes Scholarship - Parent must be a Teamster