Caro High School Important Dates 2020-21

August 23rd and 24th                          Tiger Access Days

August 25th and 26th                          Professional Development Days

August 30th                                           First Student Day

September 3rd – 6th                            NO SCHOOL – Labor Day Weekend

September 8th                                      Parents Night (6pm)

September 13th                                    Staff Meeting and Board Meeting

September 24th                                    ½ day AM (11:45 Dismissal) – Teacher PD PM

September 27th                                    Staff Meeting – Department Meeting

September 29th                                    Parent/Teacher Conferences (4-7pm)

October 1st                                            Homecoming vs. Vassar

October 2nd                                          Homecoming Dance (8pm in HS Cafeteria)

October 6th                                           Count Day

October 11th                                         Staff Meeting and Board Meeting

October 15th                                         ½ Day AM (11:45 Dismissal) – Teacher PD PM

October 25th                                         Staff Meeting – Department Meeting

November 5th                                       ½ day AM (11:45 Dismissal) – Teacher PD PM

November 8th                                       Staff Meeting and Board Meeting

November 22nd                                   Staff Meeting - Department Meeting

November 22nd and 23rd                  Exam Days

November 23rd                                    End of 1st Trimester – ½ Day AM (11:45 Dismissal)/ 
                                                                       ½ Day Teacher Records PM

November 24th – 26th                         NO SCHOOL – Thanksgiving Break

November 29th                                     Start of 2nd Trimester

December 13th                                     Staff Meeting and Board Meeting

December 17th                                     Christmas Break starts @ 3:18 dismissal

January 3rd                                            Return from Christmas Break

January 10th                                          Staff Meeting and Board Meeting

January 17th                                          NO SCHOOL – Martin Luther King Jr. Day

January 24th                                          Staff Meeting – Department Meeting

January 24th – 28th                              Reverse Conferences

January 28th                                          ½ Day AM (11:45 Dismissal) – Teacher PD PM

February 9th                                         Count Day

February 11th                                       Cominghome vs. Cass City

February 12th                                       Cominghome Dance (8pm in HS Cafeteria)

February 14th                                       Staff Meeting and Board Meeting

February 18th                                       ½ Day AM (11:45 Dismissal) – Teacher PD PM

February 21st                                        NO SCHOOL – President’s Day

March 10th and 11th                           Exam Days

March 11th                                            End of 2nd Trimester – ½ Day AM (11:45 Dismissal)/ 
                                                                      ½ Day Teacher Records PM

March 14th                                            Start of 3rd Tri; Staff Meeting and Board Meeting

March 25th                                            Spring Break starts @ 3:18 dismissal

April 4th                                                 Return from Spring Break                                     

April 11th                                              Staff Meeting and Board Meeting

April 13th                                              SAT/PSAT Testing 9th-11th Graders/
                                                                       Senior Service Day

April 14th                                              Work Keys Testing 11th Graders

April 15th – 18th                                  NO SCHOOL – Easter Break

April 20th                                              MSTEP Testing 11th Graders

April 25th                                              Staff Meeting – Department Meeting

May 9th                                                 Staff Meeting and Board Meeting

May 13th                                               ½ Day AM (11:45 Dismissal) – Teacher PD PM

May 23rd                                               Staff Meeting – Department Meeting

May 25th                                                Senior Exams

May 26th                                                Senior Exams/Seniors’ Last Day/Honors Program

May 30th                                                NO SCHOOL – Memorial Day

June 2nd                                                 Graduation/Senior Breakfast/Tiger Walk

June 9th                                                  Exam Day

June 10th                                                End of Year (½ Day Exams Students AM
                                                                      11:45 dismissal)/½ day Teacher Records PM