CML(Continental Mathematics League)

Students are participating for the 2018-2019 school year. The fun and excitement expressed by students of all grade levels continues to be gratifying. As many of you have mentioned, both mathematical skills and reading skills are improved for students participating at all levels. If you are currently participating in the Continental Mathematics League, we invite you to further your student's progress in the art of problem-solving. As a part of this competition students are given the opportunity to learn mathematics and enjoy it at the same time. Ask your student to explain how it works in their math class.

6th Grade CML Leaders

Ethan Ransford-15
Daniel Park-15
Nick Case-8
Wyatt Waterman-8
Addison Fisch-7
Emma Vudures-7
Claire Warren-7

7th Grade CML Leaders

Zachary Bareither-11
Garrett Gast-10
Nathan Diegel-10
Makayla Hennessey-9
Landon Hood-8
Logan McGarry-8

8th Grade CML Leaders

Adelyn Moore-12
Isabelle Park-10
Wynn Garrett-9
Dustin Smale-9
Kurik Goodro-9
Colin Lawrie-6

2018-2019 Middle School Winners

6th Grade:

1st - Ethan Ransford
2nd - Daniel Park

7th Grade:

1st - William Walz
2nd - Nathan Diegel

8th Grade:

1st - Adelyn Moore
2nd - Wynn Garrett & Kurik Goodro