Middle School PBIS

Caro Middle School PBIS Mission Statement

Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports encourages students to be respectful, responsible, and safe.  This helps students develop successful strategies to become better readers, in turn leading to overall success in school and in the community as a whole.  

Caro Middle School Behavior Expectations Matrix

Caro Hallway Restroom Lunch Room Media Center  Office Classroom School Store Bus/Bus Stop



-Use quiet voices

-Clean up after yourself

-Gather necessary supplies for class 

-Report problems

-Go , Flush, Wash, Exit

-Follow activity rules

-Stay in  lunchroom

-Report problems

-Keep lunchroom clean

-Return library materials to proper place, on time, and in good condition

-Use place card holders

-Follow acceptable use policy for computers

-Use kind words and actions

-Return to class promptly

-Use the office only when necessary

-Follow directions

-Use kind words and actions

-Be prepared

-Use time wisely

-Pay for all items

-Report stealing

-Keep displays neat

-Be on time

-Use acceptable language

-Report problems



Appropriate behavior:

-Keep hands and feet to self

-Use kind words and actions

-Give others privacy

-Use quiet voices

-Take care of all property

-Keep hands and feet to yourself

-Use kind words and actions

-Food free, gum free, and drink free area

-Use kind words and actions

-Take care of books, equipment, and property

-Follow directions

-Wait quietly

-Ask to use or touch anything


-Follow rules

-Take care of all property

-Wait in line quietly

-Limit your visits

-Wait your turn in line

-Use inside voice

-Take care of school property



-Keep hands and feet to self

-Keep on the right side of hallway


-Wash hands

-Keep water in sink and litter in the garbage

-Use lunchroom food utensils correctly


-Use furniture and equipment correctly


-Keep doors and pathway clear

-Be aware of your surroundings

-Use tools, equipment, and property correctly


-Three visitors in the store at a time

-Ask for help reaching for items on the top shelves

-Keep hands and feet to self

-Stay in seat

-Keep belongings in your lap

-Stay clear until bus stops