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Woody Crutchfield Natatorium

Caro's Indoor Pool

Pool Schedule 2020-2021

Morning Lap Swim

Monday, Wednesday, and Friday  6:00 AM - 7:30 AM


Schedule Notes 

Indoor pool schedules will follow the regular school calendar for Caro Community Schools. Pool will be closed for holidays and long weekends. To check school calendar, visit our website at If day classes are canceled due to weather, the pool will also be closed. Be sure to check Caro Community Schools Facebook for possible school closings.  Emergency pool closings will be posted on Caro Community Pool Facebook page.  Please check our website often for special events.


Pool Fees

All Ages:..........$4.00

Great Savings! Pool Passes Available. Save money and purchase one of the following pool passes. (No Refunds)

5 Swim Pass............$15.00
10 Swim Pass..........$30.00 
25 Swim Pass..........$75.00

Obey lifeguards at all times.  They are here for your safety.  Patron concerns should be directed to them.

Whistle Blasts:  One blast -- Stop and listen.  Two blasts -- Get out of the pool quickly and quietly, sit on the side and wait for directions.

Walk, don’t run.  Enter the water when only told to do so by the lifeguards.

Diving in deep water only.  One person on the board at a time.  Swim to the nearest pool side and get out immediately.

Flotation devices/ masks/ snorkels not allowed during open swim hours.  Parents are required to stay with young children.

Don’t hang on the pool lifelines unless you need help from the lifeguards.

No shoes, food or beverages are allowed in pool area.

Admittance into pool area only for patrons dressed to swim.  Balcony area is open to all other patrons.

Violation of any of the above rules may result in loss of swimming privileges.

Special Notes

  • We strongly encourage you to bring a lock for your locker if you are going to leave belongings in the locker rooms unattended
  • For safety & sanitation reasons your personal flotation devices of any kind are not allowed.
  • Children 5 years of age and under must be accompanied by an adult who is either in the pool or in the pool balcony
  • Parents please be prompt when picking up your children. Pool doors will be locked promptly
  • Parents please provide your children with the correct fee, our change making abilities are limited

Facility Usage Request

Please read the guidelines below to see if your group is eligible. If you would like to make a reservation, complete and submit the online application on the right.  Allow two weeks for processing.  If you have questions, call Cheryl Ogg (989) 673-3160 ext. 1005 or e-mail



The Caro Board of Education encourages the use of its facilities by groups and organizations that have as their objective the development of personal character and civic welfare. The Board of Education reserves the right to deny the use of facilities for any purpose that is not consistent with the best interests of the community. The rules and regulations which follow are designed to provide community use of the school facilities to the extent that the regular school program will permit. Rental fees for facility use are on a cost, rather than a profit, basis.


Facilities which may be reserved for use of community groups and organizations include: auditorium, classrooms, cafeterias, multi-purpose rooms, kitchens, gymnasiums, indoor pool, and athletic fields.


A. Class I: Any organized group directly connected with the Caro Community Schools. These groups include: athletic teams, band, FHA, varsity club, freshman-senior classes, student council, future teachers, evening classes, parent support groups, booster clubs, and all other such school related groups.

B. Class II: Any organized, non-profit group within the school district whose purposes are civic, cultural, fraternal, or religious in nature. This group includes, but is not limited to: Caro Arts Society, Caro Historical Society, Civil Defense, Tuscola County Extension, Lions Club, Jaycees, Rotary Club, Exchange Club, church youth and family groups, and other such groups. These groups will be allowed to use the buildings rent free (with the exception of the auditorium and pool) and will not be charged for custodial services when custodians are normally on duty. Class II groups will be charged for all custodial charges incurred after normal custodial hours.

C. Class III: Any non-profit groups whose interests or activities are limited exclusively to said group will be placed in Class III. Example: A service club having a fund raiser so as to build their own club house or church group having a fund raiser so as to purchase altar equipment. Use of school facilities for activities which result in personal or corporate gain will not be permitted.

Any Class II or III group renting or using the school for a major event will need to show proof of liability insurance with at least $1 million limit of liability.

Please complete and submit this form to request use of CCS facilities.

Any Class II or III group renting or using the school for a major event will need to show proof of liability insurance with at least $1 million limit of liability.
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