Young Five's Supply List

2020-2021 Young Five's Supply List

Caro Community Schools provides each child with needed supplies but recognizes that parents and children often wish to bring their own supplies. The following list is published to assist parents and provide for uniformity.

We respectfully ask that no school supplies, other than these specific items, be sent to school with your child. If any of this presents a problem for you, please let your classroom teacher know. 

Thank you!


Please label the items below with your child’s first name and last initial. However, for safety reasons, please label your child’s backpack and mask on the inside. Thank you for your help!  ~Miss Kessler

★  Child mask
★  Large Backpack
★  Thick Towel or Nap Mat (nap mat preferred and can be found at Walmart)
★  1 or more large boxes of tissues
★  1 or more container of Clorox Wipes
★  1 medium or large bottle of hand sanitizer
★  1 pair of child's scissors 
★  1 24 box of Crayola Crayons
★  1 box of 8 thick Washable Crayola Markers 
★  3 or more glue sticks
★  Lunch box if needed

Due to COVID-19 reasons: If you are able to get the last five items we would greatly appreciate it. 

★  4 Black Expo Dry Erase markers – Thick Tip: Girls Only
★  4 Black Expo Dry Erase markers - Fine Point: Boys Only
★  1 box of standard writing pencils 
★  1 Wide ruled spiral notebook
★  1 snap lip pencil box
★  Reusable water bottle labeled with name

Below you will find our class wish list. Only purchase if possible.
Class Wish List:

★  Storable snacks
★  Play Doh
★  Paper plates
★  Paper lunch bags
★  Dixie Cups – small (plastic if available)
★  Flushable wipes or baby wipes
★  Zip Lock bags (sandwich or gallon size)
★  Small plastic cups

Please bring in a change of clothes to go on top of their locker.  Students may also have a blanket and stuffed animal to use during rest.  It needs to be one that can stay at school until it needs to be washed. Please send a water bottle to school each day. (This is highly recommended to reduce the use of drinking fountains)  It will go home each day to get washed.  Please label their mat, blanket, backpack, water bottle, lunch pail, and outerwear such as coats.  Thank you!!!