COVID-19 Information

COVID-19 Case Information

Our district continues to work closely with our county health officials.  We follow their recommended procedures and communicate them to our school families and staff accordingly.  Not all school buildings have a student or staff member with a positive test.  Please note that students and staff members in quarantine do not necessarily mean they tested positive.  They may be in quarantine due to direct contact or displaying symptoms.


COVID-19 Case Totals

As of Monday, November 30, 2020

  • 0/11  -  Number of Students Confirmed Positive  (This week/YTD)
  • 0/8  -  Number of Staff Members Confirmed Positive (This week/YTD)


COVID-19 Day-by-Day

Notification Date                        Building, Buses                                                   Action


11/24/20                                        McComb                                                           1 staff member quarantined

11/23/20                                        High School                                                      2 students quarantined

11/22/20                                        High School                                                      1 staff member quarantined

11/21/20                                        Central Office                                                   1 staff member quarantined

11/20/20                                        McComb                                                            6 staff members quarantined

11/19/20                                        Transportation, High School                         32 staff members quarantined

11/18/20                                        Middle School, Schall,  McComb                   2 staff members quarantined                                     

11/17/20                                         High School                                                      2 students quarantined

11/14/20                                         High School                                                      2 staff members quarantined

11/12/20                                         Schall, High School                                          2 students quarantined

11/13/20                                         McComb, Schall, Middle School                  13 students quarantined

11/11/2020                                     Middle School, High School                         10 students, 1 staff member quarantined

11/10/2020                                     McComb, Schall, Middle School                   7 students, 3 staff members quarantined

11/9/2020                                       High School                                                      1 student quarantined

11/7/2020                                        McComb, Middle School                                3 students quarantined

11/6/2020                                        McComb, Middle School, HS Virtual            4 students, 1 staff member quarantined

11/5/2020                                        Schall, Middle School, HS/Tech                     5 students quarantined

11/4/2020                                         McComb, Middle School, Central Office    2 students, 2 staff members quarantined

11/4/2020                                         Schall Virtual, High School Virtual               2 students quarantined

11/3/2020                                         McComb                                                          3 students quarantined

11/2/2020                                         McComb, Middle School                               3 students, 2  staff quarantined

11/1/2020                                         Schall School                                                   1 staff member quarantined

11/1/2020                                         Middle School Virtual                                     1 student quarantined

10/30/2020                                       Middle School                                                  1 student quarantined

10/29/2020                                       McComb, Middle School                                1 student, 1 staff member quarantined

10/27/2020                                       Middle School                                                  4 students, 2 staff members quarantined

10/26/2020                                       McComb, Schall, Middle School                    3 students, 4 staff members quarantined

10/22/2020                                       Middle School                                                  1 student quarantined


If you were employed by Caro Community Schools during the 19/20 school year, there may be a hazard pay opportunity for you.

You will find a link to the form on the following website:  Please email the completed form along with a short explanation as to why you qualify to Brenda Dunham at by Dec 4, 2020.