Schall Coding Club

Schall Coding Club looks forward to an even more eventful fifth year with the continued addition of advanced coding programs, robotics, and middle school mentors to help our new club members. While we have a large number of returning students as well as those who expressed interest in the Spring, registration is still open to all Schall students in grades 3-5 this fall. Parents and students interested in additional information can stop by the table display between rooms 103 and 104/5 during Schall’s open house to sign up for a chance of joining this year. Coordinating teachers, Ms. Kuntz ( and Ms. Nicol ( can also be reached by email with any questions. The Schall Coding Club looks forward to working with interested community members in the future to make the club a continued success!

More information can be found be at the Schall Coding Club website 

Why do we code?

"The stuff you can create is endless." - Cole

"You can make whatever you'd like to make. It's FUN!" - Ayden

"I like the feeling of self-accomplishment I get when I code something. I can sit back and look at it and say, 'I made that.'" - William


Questions or requests can be directed to Ms. Kuntz ( or Ms. Nicol (