Mission Statement

We cultivate academic excellence in an environment that fosters physical, social, and emotional growth which empowers students to become responsible citizens in our community and in an ever-changing world.

Central Office

Peter Newman
989-673-3160 x1002
Kristen Stein
Administrative Assistant
989-673-3160 x1002
Collin Henry
Business Manager
989-673-3160 x1003
Joe Chapelo
989-673-5510 x1006
Emily Enos
989-673-3160 x1004
Diana Stephens
989-673-3160 x1007
Cheryl Ogg
Facility Use Coordinator
989-673-3160 x1005

CCS Dashboard

The Caro Community Schools Data Dashboard has the information you need to understand our district, see how we operate, and learn why we're a great choice for you and your children.