Points of Pride

Employees of the Month

This month we recognize Pat Price! Pat is the Groundskeeper for all Caro District Schools. Not only does Pat work very hard to keep our district looking top notch in every season, but he also takes pride in maintaining the outdoor sports fields. He mows and waters the play fields, paints all necessary lines to regulation, and ensures the safety of all spectator venues. In the winter Pat is just as busy keeping our parking lots, play grounds, and walkways clear and safe. Pat is also a veteran bus driver for the district, and drives the Fish. So if you get a chance to say hello and thank you to him please do. This is a very busy time for grounds maintenance. We would like to let Pat know that his attention to detail is obvious to us all and the school properties look terrific!

Scott Dwyer is being recognized as our Caro Community Schools Employee of the Month for March.  Scott has been a CCS employee for longer than he will admit.  Scott is the tech support guru our staff and students contact when we need something fixed right away! His commitment to the connectivity of the district is unmatched. Scott walks the halls of each school just as he did 35 years ago when he was a student here, always with a smile and pleasant greeting! Thank you, Scott, for all your hard work and support. You are appreciated by your fellow school team members!

February Employee of the Month is Brenda Stein, the secretary of the Transportation Department. There are so many great qualities Mrs. Stein brings to the district. Not only does she keep the Transportation Department organized, she is also responsible for the payroll verification and submission of 40 regular school employees. In addition, approximately 25 bus aides, sub bus drivers, and sub custodians. Brenda is a key team player in the communication line between families with students riding the bus, all school secretaries, and the school bus drivers. Her quick response and relay of information to all involved provides an often-immediate resolution to many concerns. Brenda also manages the receipt of Kindergarten roundup transportation requests, which can be overwhelming for those with less experience. Mrs. Stein called every regular bus driver to inform them of the location and available time for each to receive the COVID19 vaccine for the safety of all. And her generosity of delicious baked goods for her garage crew is endless!  We appreciate Brenda beyond measure and love that she is on our team!

I would like to nominate the Food Service staff of Caro Schools for the honor and title of “Employees of the Month”.

Staff members include Donna Connolly, Brenda Sommerville, Jackie Hall, Mark Torma, Donald Lawrie, Amanda Schmidt, Alice Breitbach, Lynne Petiprin, Faith Barringer, Deb Clinesmith, Kathleen Kohen, Amanda Daisy, Sheri Beckrow, Marsha Miller, Robin Marlow, Kathy Imker and Paul Hillacker.

When the pandemic hit our country in March, 2020 and the school system was shut down, my Food Service staff jumped in with no questions asked, no hesitation, to provide meals to all of our Caro School students.  We gathered as many food items from each school kitchen to pack, we brainstormed to create an amazing plan to distribute as many meals as possible to the children, and we proceeded to accomplish the unimaginable feat of providing over 150,000 meals to our children.  They worked long hard hours each day with all the unknown around us. 

When school started in August, the schools were operating very differently than usual with the 2-1-2 and virtual learning options but once again my staff jumped in with ideas and enthusiasm as to how to make our part of a school day as close to normal for our students as possible.  They looked for creative ways to bring excitement to the students through their meals.  In November when the schools were shut down again, they did not hesitate the change, they have learned to master being adaptable to any situation that comes our way.  We immediately went back to packing and distributing meals for all the children, again with no hesitation.  We even added a mobile food distribution site that is operated by my staff.  

During this shutdown, not only is my staff working hard to feed the children, they are working on painting their kitchens/cafeterias to make our school even more wonderful.  I have an AMAZING staff that goes above and beyond everyday not only for the school, for each other as a team, but ESPECIALLY for the children.  I am proud to be part of the Food Service staff, but more than that I am VERY proud to be part of their TEAM.

Thank you,

Janet Weijola, FSD

Caro Schools