Points of Pride

This month we recognized Pete Sayers, one of our dedicated school bus drivers. Pete was acknowledged by another district staff member for being especially thoughtful and chivalrous. Pete spent extra personal time to ensure the safety of the staff member, a stranger to him, but nonetheless took care in seeing she was not left alone in the late hours of the evening. It is things such as this that make Pete such a pleasure to have here at Caro Schools. Pete drives the Elephant bus, so please wave to him if you have the opportunity.

This month, May 2020, we’d like to express a BIG THANK YOU to the continued community support being shown.  The parents and students that meet the buses are still giving gifts and showing their support and excitement to receive their meals and to see the school bus and staff. The community as a whole continues to boost up morale. Mrs. Schriber has been making masks for everyone. She even will refit it so we are comfortable while wearing them. The Oven donated pizza to feed food service staff, Mayor Joe Green of Caro brought in donuts for the bus drivers, paraprofessionals and food service staff. NorthStar Bank manager Joe Turner hand delivered gift cards to the staff that are working in support of the community effort. They donated 70 gift cards to show their support for our staff. These generous offerings are so heart-warming and keep our labor of love so rewarding.

CCS Recognizes Employees Who Make Our Meal Distribution Program Successful

This month, April 2020, we recognize the many employees who tirelessly contribute their time and display their commitment, not only to the District but to every student and child that lives in our community. The many smiling faces and helping hands make it possible to put a plan, an uncertain vision into motion with expert ease. The meal preparation by Food Service staff is very time consuming. Those folks spend many hours planning and preparing nutritious meals our students are anxiously waiting for. They are taking every precaution to keep a safe and healthy work site to protect coworkers, students and their families. The available paraprofessionals and secretaries are rocking it on the roads. The level of enthusiasm brought in each day is refreshing in this time of uncertainty. They come in daily ready to work and get our children fed. The care and heart shown in this effort is nothing less than love for our community. The school bus drivers know the kids on their routes are making sure each day that they continue to be that first smile and good morning face these kids are accustomed to seeing every day. Their bond is a unique one built on the sense of safety and concern shared every single time they enter a school bus. The crew it takes to pull off this huge effort of support in a time of unknowns is comprised of some of the most outstanding employees any employer could have asked for!  We have become more....we are friends! We are Caro, we can, and we continue to do!     

CCS Recognize Dale Swanson As March Employee of the Month

Dale Swanson is the newest member of our district custodial staff. Although it has been a short period of time that Dale has been with us, he has made a long lasting impressions on those he works with and around. The teachers Dale works with have expressed their complete satisfaction and relief that Dale is working so well with them. Dale willingly demonstrated his talents with the skillful construction and redesign of the nurses station at Schall School. Not only is his quality of work recognized but also his personable, helpful, and considerate personality. Thank you Dale, for turning up your sleeves and committing to the "behind-the-scenes" care, safety, and security of our school district. 

Mike has been a Caro School bus driver since 2014. In the time that he has been with the district he has been extremely conscientious in his duties. Mike goes the extra mile for the students that ride his bus. He will take a backpack all the way across town to a student that forgot it on the bus if he feels that student needs it right away. He communicates with the parents of his riders keeping them informed of student behavior and activity on the bus. Due to his diligence he has very few negative behaviors to report. His bus is also the best kept in the fleet! Thank you Mr. Mike, for going above and beyond, and supporting all programs necessary for developmental support to your riders of all ages!

Mike Kubiak

Jodi is a key component to the smooth operation of the Middle School office. Her dedication to the success of the students and her coworkers is what makes her so invaluable. Jodi is quick to take on extra tasks and complete them in a timely and detailed manner. She manages all of the M.S. Special Education paperwork and documentation, she packs 38 backpacks with food for our less fortunate students weekly (sometimes twice a week) and distributes them to all of our schools. Jodi also arranges for substitutes when necessary. Thank you, Jodi, for being so committed to our school community. 

Jodi Smale

Tricia PhillipsWe appreciate Tricia Phillips in the High School Guidance Office for being an outstanding employee! Tricia has been a huge asset to CCS since she was hired last year.  Not only is she a quick learner who pays attention to detail, but her calm demeanor and kind personality make her perfect in her position.

Jack Beckrow is appreciated for his dedication to provide McComb's staff and students with a clean, safe, functional, and secure environment. Jack keeps his building in a state of operational excellence.  In doing so McComb experiences no interruptions, distractions, or obstacles to the education program. Thank you Jack for your commitment!