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Helping parents stay involved in their student's education through the internet!

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Caro Community Schools would like to welcome parents and families to the education team. We are happy to provide a web-based service that will allow parents, students and authorized family members to view "real-time" attendance records, schedules, food service balances, grades, assignments, progress reports and discipline issues.

With secure logins and passwords, a family's privacy is never an issue. To use this new service, access the district's website through the link above or at Click on the link for "Skyward Family Access" and then in the "Login Area" select "Family/Student Access".

To obtain your secure Login and Password, email Kristen Stein at: or call (989)673-3160 ext 1002. Leave your name, your student's name, e-mail address and a phone number to contact you. We will call or e-mail your Login and Password.

After opening Family Access, you will have the option to change your password (Click on the Account Info button at the top).

Also after opening Family Access, please click on the Student Information link at the left and verify the demographic and emergency contact information that we currently have on file for you and your child/children. If it is incorrect, please e-mail the office with the correct information by clicking on the "Contact Us" button. 


The ability to view the following information:

  • Student Information:  View the information the school has on record as well as an e-mail link to the school office in case updates need to be reported.
  • Gradebook:  This screen will show cumulative grades for each class where teachers have entered grades and it will show final grades at the end of each term. You will also be able to view any assignments that are entered by teachers and "missing" assignments that your child has not turned in yet.

         The teacher's name will be underlined. This means you can e-mail them with questions or concerns.

  • Message Center:  Check this area for messages from your child's teacher and feel free to respond to them in this area.
  • Attendance:  A convenient calendar allows parents to review absences at a glance. You can also send in Absence Notifications from this area.
  • Schedule:  View your child's current schedule.
  • Discipline:  View discipline issues for your child and contact the Discipline Officer with any questions or concerns.
  • Food Service:  If you are the Food Service payer, the balance in your child's account is displayed as well as data showing what your child has been eating (lunch, snack, etc).
  • Report Cards:  Ability to view your child's report card and print it, if preferred. Contact the office if you no longer wish to receive a hard copy of the Report Card in the mail but wish to view and print the Report Card through Family Access.


Parents are able to:

  • Verify student's demographic information and notify school if changes are necessary.
  • View assignments and grades.
  • Communicate with teachers through e-mail or the Message Center.
  • View attendance and send tardy and absence notifications to school via e-mail in lieu of phoning.
  • View discipline issues and communicate with Discipline Officer.
  • View Food Service balances.
  • View and print report cards in lieu of receiving them through the mail.
  • View "real-time" information 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

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*Caro Community Schools makes no representation that the Family Access server will be available at any given time. There will be times when the server is unavailable due to upgrades, maintenance and internet outages. Also, Family/Student Access remains the property of Caro Community Schools. Caro Community Schools reserves the right to change, modify, revoke or suspend access at any time with or without notice for any unauthorized use.