Schools of Choice

What is Schools of Choice?

Caro Community Schools is a Schools of Choice district. Under Schools of Choice Section 105, Caro Community Schools may enroll students from another school district within Tuscola County providing the student meets the application guidelines. Schools of Choice Section 105c, allows Caro Community Schools to enroll students from school districts outside of Tuscola County in a contiguous Intermediate School District (ISD) such as Bay, Genesee, Huron, Lapeer, Saginaw and Sanilac Counties providing the student meets the application guidelines.

Caro Schools Are A Wise Choice

The State of Michigan recognizes that parents should have choices when it comes to the education of their children.  We appreciate the choices that many parents have made in favor of the Caro Community Schools under Schools of Choice.  As a school district, we encourage parents to consider the options available for students at the Caro Community Schools.  If you are interested in having your children attend school in Caro under Schools of Choice, please call the school at 989-673-3160.

Schools of Choice allows parents/guardians to enroll their children in a neighboring public school, if they so choose.  The window of opportunity will close September 3rd so it is important to act soon.  We are pleased that two hundred students are attending the Caro Community Schools under Schools of Choice.  Here are some of the reasons these parents have made that choice:

·     A warm and welcoming school environment

·     Teachers with high expectations and a willingness to assist students in achievement

·     A quality pre-school program, Young-fives and Kindergarten

·     A true middle school focused on the needs of adolescents and their transitioning to the teen years

·     A Trimester schedule which provides time for in-depth study

·     Music teachers at each elementary building

·     A band program which includes middle school band as well as high school marching band and concert band

·     A chorale program which includes high school and middle school students

·     Two foreign languages offered in a classroom setting.

·     High school electives which permit 3 to 4 years of German or Spanish

·     Wood and Metal shop classes

·     A summer school program to help students stay in grade

·     An after school tutoring program which assists middle and high school students during the school year

·     A guidance counselor at the middle school and another at the high school

·     A social worker at each building

·     A school nurse at each elementary building

·     Gym teachers in the elementary, middle and high schools.

·     An athletic program broad enough to include bowling, golf, tennis, equestrian, swim/diving and soccer in addition to the many traditional sports

·     A swimming pool which allows a water experience in physical education at all levels

·     Advanced Placement classes taught by a teacher rather than on-line

·     On-line experiences in addition to the AP options

·     An alternative high school program to assist students to graduate in a non-traditional setting.

·     Close physical location so that students can attend the Tuscola Tech Center.

·     The Caro Community Schools offers a universal free breakfast for all students.

                When it comes to Schools of Choice, Caro Community Schools are a wise choice!