McComb Elementary Points of Pride

Our Lexia Red Carpet Winners…

Our students had to read their way through many texts on the Lexia reading program. They went up a level and were able to walk the red carpet, receive a certificate, and a pizza coupon!

Great job everyone!

Generous support from the Tuscola County Community Foundation allowed Caro McComb PTO to purchase this vending machine for Tiger Cubs.  We are currently looking to fill the machine!  Our goal is to have it full by the kick off of March is Reading Month.  We have created an Amazon Gift List here.

If you would like to donate $$ for us to purchase books, you can do so through CheddarUp at

We are aiming for new (or like new) books, if you have some you'd like to give us, you can drop them off at the school or message the page to arrange for pick up.  

Thank you, Tuscola County Community Foundation and McComb PTO for this exciting addition to our school.

Middle School students pair up with McComb students and read together.  Thank you, Reading Buddies.

Blair solved 25 math problems in 2 minutes with 100% correct!!  Way to go, Math Wiz Kid!

High Schoolers visit McComb Elementary every Friday to eat lunch and visit with McComb students.  Thanks, HS Lunch Buddies.

We held our CUB Card celebration today.  Students who earned their C for Choose Respect, U for Use Safety and B for Be Responsible attended the celebration.  Thanks to everyone who helped make this event happen!


Recently our students took affirmations to residents of the Medical Care Facility and sang Christmas carols!


A group of students at Caro Alternative HS created 11 Whoville themed paintings for McComb.  The paintings looked great and our students had a great time visiting Whoville.  Thanks to the McComb PTO and our CAHS students for making this Whoville visit possible.

Thank you to Highland Pines School for giving us a wonderful Christmas performance! We all loved it!

We celebrated veterans today and our event was so wonderful! The Caro middle school choir performed beautifully and Caro McDonalds provided breakfast! Thank so much for all of you who have fought for our freedom.

Ron Laeder and June Kennedy of the Caro Exchange Club presented a check to McComb School! Thank you very much for your generosity.  Your gift will bring many smiles to our kids for Christmas!

Mrs. Weidman’s class read about bread around the world and then made some! The whole school smelled so wonderful!! She then gifted some to Mrs. Franklin.