Schall Star Students 2020-2021

Each month at Schall Elementary we recognize students as Star Students for exhibiting outstanding character choices.  We focus on different character themes each month and students that excel in these areas are recognized.  These are the students that have been chosen this year as Star Students at Schall Elementary.

this clip art displays words in yellow or purple that describe character traits of a star student.  Such as caring, kindness, polite, pleasant, smile, problem solver, careful, listening, participation, shares

October 2020 (Attitude)

3rd Grade
Ekko Berlin
Amelia Chase
Dontavius Rickard
Kylie Sitko
Mikylah Elenbaum

4th Grade
Aubree Kocher
Lillian Ackley
Grayson Heckroth
Isabella Bennett
Vanessa Osborn

5th Grade
Landen Montei
Alexis Waterman
Isabella Putnam
Jeffery Harmon
Aiden Blackwell

September 2020 (Caring)

3rd Grade
Mandi Bamberg
Bristol Dicks
Jasmin Lesosky
Cecilia Allbee
Karleigh Cole

4th Grade 
Natalie Nichol
Margaret Pearcy
Lilly Wolkens
Maggie Mothersell
Parkyr Campbell

5th Grade
Alexis Gucwa
Landon Long
Harrison Miner
Logan Ross
Emercyn Cannon

Schall Stars

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