Schall Star Students 2021-2022

Each month at Schall Elementary we recognize students as Star Students for exhibiting outstanding character choices.  We focus on different character themes each month and students that excel in these areas are recognized.  These are the students that have been chosen this year as Star Students at Schall Elementary.



Congratulations to the following students for being named Star Students for the month of September for the character trait of Pride: 

3rd Graders = Willow Garza, Nichole Carlisle, Evan Wilcox, and Roman Stephens 
4th Graders = Lauren Rushlo, Brodee Shay, Mason Crossno, Wyatt Gibson, and Mandi Bamberg  
5th Graders = Liliana Tumblin, Randy Steiner, Peyton Opper, Evelyn Bruce, and Natalie Nichol
Mrs. Cook’s 3rd-grade class was recognized as September Classroom superstars

Schall Stars

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