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         Sixth Grade students created a unique project for science and reading class: they built theme park rides!  Students created a model of a ride with the theme of a Myth, Legend, or Tale. Students had to write a description of the ride, explaining how parts of the ride are inspired by the myth, legend, or tale. They then had to explain the physics of the ride and how the ride incorporates kinetic and potential energy.


Students are participating for the 2020-2021 school year. The fun and excitement expressed by students of all grade levels continues to be gratifying. As many of you have mentioned, both mathematical skills and reading skills are improved for students participating at all levels. If you are currently participating in the Continental Mathematics League, we invite you to further your student's progress in the art of problem-solving. As a part of this competition students are given the opportunity to learn mathematics and enjoy it at the same time. Ask your student to explain how it works in their math class.

2020-2021 Middle School Winners

6th Grade Winners:

1st:  Trentin Hessling 
2nd:  Abhilash Kuthala

7th Grade Winners:

1st:  Luke Joslyn 
2nd:  Benjamin Nichol

8th Grade Winners:

1st:  Claire Warren 
2nd:  Addison Fisch

In December, the 8th grade students completed a recycling project aligned with the National Garden Clubs Youth Sculpture Contest, "Saving Our Planet and Keeping It Green." Students were given the option to submit their project for the contest, and Caro had five students enter. Rylan Wilson is our BIG winner! His project, S.S. Reuse Me, took first place in the Caro Garden Club, Inc. contest (and $25), first in the District VI Garden Clubs, Inc.(19 Clubs) contest (and $25), first in the Michigan State Garden Clubs, Inc. contest (and $50), first in the Central Region Garden Clubs, Inc. (7 midwest states) contest, and now is awaiting the results of the National Garden Clubs, Inc. contest results. Those are due mid-May. Here is a peek at his project...

"My project fits the “Keeping Our World Green” theme by reminding people to reuse their water bottles and plastic jugs. My project is a boat that floats because that is what will happen if people keep littering plastic containers. The containers will end up floating on the top of the ocean/lakes/rivers somewhere which can harm the animals and plants that live there. The name is S.S. Reuse Me for the purpose of helping people remember to recycle and reuse plastic materials."

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