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Today’s Lunch: Bosco Sticks or Chicken Tenders


Happy Birthday to Willow Kirby-Mason, Nataleigh Pennell, Emilio Zamora and Ms Shauger!!



Density. The compactness of a substance. “Water cooling into ice actually reduces its density, which is why it floats on water” or “Once the density of the maple syrup is thick, it should be removed from heat to cool off.”


Candy bar money is due on Monday!


Picture Day is Tuesday.


Our first reward will take place on October 24th. All students that have a 70% or better in every class will be eligible. Students must meet this criteria by October 19th to receive the reward.


Next week is Homecoming. Show your Tiger pride by dressing up for Spirit Week! There will be prizes given at each lunch for the best dressed student. 


Monday-Favorite Sport/Jersey Day

Tuesday-Picture Day

Wednesday-Student/Teacher Swap Day

Thursday-Decade Day-6th grade (80's), 7th grade (90's), 8th grade (2000's)

Friday-Purple and White Day


There is a sign up for 7th and 8th Grade Boys Basketball. Open Gym will start on Oct.16th. The season will start in December. 


If you want to be a banner carrier in the Pumpkin Parade, there is a permission slip in the office


Have a great day Caro Middle School!!