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Student Announcements



TODAY’S LUNCH: Breaded Chicken on a bun or Stuffed Crust Pizza


Happy Birthday to Jayden Mahan!!




to cause a feeling of great wonder or surprise

If someone or something astonishes you, they surprise you very much.

My news is surprising; it will astonish you.


First Lunch Lunch Study will be in Mr. Haag’s (room 205).

There will be no second lunch lunch study today.  


Good Luck to the track team competing at the Mayville Invitational today. Dismissal will be at 2:35, bus leaves at 2:45.


Students THIS Friday, May 24th, ALL books & fines are due in the Media Center. Remember your Cedar Point or Splash Village trip count on your returns.


There are sign ups in the office for any sixth or seventh grade girl who is interested in playing volleyball next year. Practice begins before school starts, so you will need to make your decision to play before the end of this school year.


The next PBIS special drawings are for Loons souvenir t-shirt or a giant candy bar. Both are located in the office and there are boxes in the office for tickets. Good luck!


Have a great day Caro Middle School!!